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Programming Notes

Programming Notes
Friends hiking at Red Rocks outside Las Vegas.

A quick update from McCarran Airport.

I count myself lucky to be part of of a complex network of family and friends across the country. And this week, I’m sending a few words of gratitude out to those of you that have become a part of this little newsletter.

Miche and I are holed in the airport after a whirlwind weekend in Las Vegas to celebrate a dear friend’s 30th birthday, nearly all of us first-time visitors to Sin City.

This weekend, like many since May this year, has been a busy one. I’ve found just a little less time to write and reflect. So I’m taking a few moments to share my gratitude with all of you for reading, sending me your feedback, your life updates, your recommendations, and your affirmations. While much of what I write about is difficult to process and sometimes hidden inside of my stream of consciousness, it’s been a distinct pleasure to put these ideas into sentences and note their resonance.

As the weather turns nasty, wet, and gray in the Pacific Northwest, I intend to return to a more regular schedule for the newsletter. Perhaps not every week, but certainly more than this busy summer and fall has allowed.

But, before that, I’m off again next week to join the Ultiworld coverage team for USA Ultimate Club Championships. For those of you that will be in San Diego, stop by the media tent; I’m sure you’ll find me wrapped in a sun hoodie whacking furiously at a my keyboard and laughing with the rest of the editorial staff. (It’s one of my happy places.)

So stay tuned for more in the coming months. And again, thank you for reading.

P.S. Birthday shoutouts are due for three dear readers from three different parts of my life. Happy 30th birthday to Jake Berzoff-Cohen and Jack Kavanaugh, and happy 29th to Katie Raynolds. All three of you inspire me.

This newsletter is a creative space to keep in touch, to think out loud, and to heal. It takes some psychological safety to put these thoughts out in the world and the sentences won’t read perfect or be free of typos. I do revisit my issues and make corrections as I catch them.